Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Well, don't we feel silly!

We bought our Casita in pieces, and there's been (and still is) way too much foundation work to be done to worry about interior layouts, etc. The work has gone very slowly due to a rather daunting list of life experiences that have been handed to us since we bought her. We hadn't really spent much time looking at layouts but we took a closer look this evening and what do you know? We thought we had a 1987 16' Liberty but now we're not really sure what we have. The VIN plate is missing, but the title says she is a 1986, model unspecified, 16' trailer. We should have a better idea of the original floor plan once we haul the partitions down from the loft and start figuring out where they would fit. If that doesn't work, we have the VIN from the title so maybe the Casita factory can tell us.

That said, we're fine with whatever she turns out to be, and find the tiny space charming. Our Casita is a giant jigsaw puzzle, and the advantage that offers is that we can arrange things however we want. It may be that once we finish restoring our Casita, we'll decide we want to sell it and buy a larger one. On the other hand, by then we'll have a 100% custom trailer and we may not want to part with it!

We're getting ready to sell our home and we don't know where we're going from there, so work continues on getting the plywood subfloor temporarily installed so we can fill the Casita with all her worldly possessions (partitions, shower stall, bed cushions, galley, and miscellaneous spare parts) and haul her off to the parents' place until we have a place for her. No new pictures yet, but next time I'll have photos of the completed flooring and all the stuff we have yet to install!

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