Monday, July 21, 2014

Replacing the subfloor

We are in the middle of getting our house on the market and figuring out where to go once it sells, so shortages of time and money have made progress on our restoration very slow. However, we did make some progress this weekend toward getting a new subfloor in. This will be a temporary installation, just enough to provide enough support and stability to tow the trailer to a new location while our house is showing. Additional work will continue once Yaga Too reaches its new location.

For now we cleaned up the old wood chips and adhesive as best we could, then made a paper pattern. The floor sections were cut from 3/4" plywood. In the photos below, two of the sections have been cut and dry-fitted.

Foremost section showing the original condition of the floor.

Aftmost section showing new subfloor dry-fitted in place.

Screws go down through the subfloor and shell into the chassis. That means we'll have to attach the aftmost section in order to hold the shell in place before we can clean up and attach the center section, because the process of removing the old screws will detach the Casita shell from its chassis. Once that section is reconnected to the chassis we'll clean up the screws in the next section and attach it.

We're attaching the subfloor on a temporary basis for the move, but once the trailer is parked at the new location we plan to remove the plywood and treat it with CPES sealer. After separating the shell and chassis, making some repairs and improvements to the chassis, and patching any rivet holes on the bottom of the shell, we'll lay down adhesive and permanently attach the subfloor. (Since everything has been removed from the shell of this Casita, we'll patch all the rivet holes and drill new ones as needed to re-attach the partitions, etc.)

We were both starting to wonder what we were thinking when we took on this enormous project, but just seeing subfloor in there makes a huge difference. It feels like a big step forward!