Saturday, August 17, 2013

Aaaand we're off... very, very off



Our little Casita project has been sitting for several months due to a number of factors. One of the main limitations was that we did not have a tow-capable vehicle to carry supplies from Home Depot, etc. This week we finally got a hitch receiver installed on our SUV and bought a small utility trailer, so now we can bring home a few sheets of plywood and start working on replacing the subfloor. That will be a huge step, simply because it'll make it much easier just to step inside the Casita and move around.

I started with an hour's worth of scraping on the outside. The decals are in poor shape and they'll all have to come off before we do any body work, but my hands can only take so much of that abuse so that's a project that will need to be done a little bit at a time.

Once I decided it was time to give the digits a break, we moved inside. First and foremost - in Texas in August - we discovered the air conditioner works just fine. So, while I'd intended to take it out until we were ready to relocate it, we decided to leave it in place so we can work in comfort. We removed the hot water heater and the pump, pulled out the water lines, and strapped all the wires and whatnot up off the floor so I can start making a template for the subfloor. The plumbing and most of the wiring will probably be replaced, but until we're ready to do that we wanted to keep the original wiring in place so we can see how it goes together. Not much difference in the before and after here, but we are now ready to start on the subfloor in earnest.



Next I'll make a paper template for the subfloor. We'll probably do a little bit of cleaning and scraping first, then we'll be ready to cut and install the new subfloor.

The hot water heater was left with water in it (and a lizard that startled me good when it decided to evacuate!). I suspect that means we'll have to replace the unit but we shall see. That's a concern that can wait until we start putting things back together.

I added all the photos to YagaToo's album. I think I'll buy a notebook to keep track of the time and money we spend on this project. It'll be a neat thing to have on hand once we're finished.

Update: A Facebook friend just let me know she was unable to post a comment. I apologize to anyone who has tried - we want to hear what people think! I think I've fixed the settings to allow comments from everyone.

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