Friday, July 19, 2013

A visit to the mothership

We happened to be north of our usual location yesterday and that's rare for a weekday so we took advantage of the situation to visit the Casita factory. It was fun to see the new "eggs" being assembled, and everyone was so helpful! Sadly, photos are not allowed on the factory floor so I'm putting my notes here for future reference. We came home with business cards for the parts guys, who we'll be talking to a lot once we get to the spit-and-polish part of our renovation.

In the meantime, here's what we have ahead of us:

1. Install a new wood subfloor. At the factory they fiberglass in the subfloor to seal it; whether or not we do that will depend on our level of confidence after some fiberglass experiments. Older Casita models don't have this.

2. Run wiring and hang it out of the way. It looks like most of the wiring rides on top of the carpet, but we'll want to go ahead and run wires for a few things (e.g. overhead lights, powered vent to be added later, etc.) underneath to keep things neat.

3. Apply insulation and carpet to the walls. We have to call the aforesaid parts guys at the factory to see if they can sell us replacement carpet. They get it specially made with the insulation attached; if we can't get it from them we'll have to find suitable materials elsewhere.

4. Install flooring. We're currently leaning toward cork.

5. Install interior partitions. And hope they all still fit with the new flooring and carpeting.

At some point, we're going to need to separate the shell from the chassis in order to do fiberglass repairs and some improvements to the chassis. The earlier we do that the lighter the shell will be, but I think the logistics there are going to depend on whether we decide to attempt fiberglass repairs ourselves or take it to a boat shop. For now, though, I think getting a subfloor in is a good first step.

P.S. I apologize if you haven't been able to see the photos in our photo album. I think I've fixed it, but if they are still a problem let me know and I'll look into hosting them elsewhere.

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